We sat down for a chat with one of our beautiful dermal therapists, Lowri, to talk all things skin. From top treatments & products for the summer to her pregnancy skincare tips, keep on reading to learn more:⁠

1. What facials are good for the warmer months? ⁠
⁠Any facials that are really low down-time are ideal. The skin can become really imbalanced at this time of the year, so I highly recommend a hydrating facial for a real boost of radiance - such as our SAINT Luxe Glow Facial or SAINT Lacto+Light. ⁠

2. What products do you recommend? ⁠
⁠My most loved and used product is pigment suppressor all year round. Not only is it great for prepping your skin before your bigger treatments commence in the cooler weather, it also helps us to maintain skin clarity throughout the warmer months when you are exposed to harsher UV rays.⁠ [Check out the 'pigmentation' section in our online shop for some effective options.]⁠

3. What is your personal favourite treatment that you like to have yourself in summer? ⁠Definitely Laser Genesis. It keeps my skin clarity uniform, my pores more refined and fine lines around my eyes plumped. There is no downtime, no sun sensitivity and it can be paired with so many other modalities. ⁠

4. What are your current at-home tips for great skin? ⁠
⁠As I'm currently pregnant, my skin has been wild! Hormone surges mean breakouts, inconsistent oil flow, dry skin and worst of all no injectables. My trusty Gua Sha tool has become a big part of my at-home routine. I try to use it at least three mornings a week to help with my puffy pregnancy face (the joys!). It corrects sluggish lymph and blood flow which can make you look mottled and dull. Makeup also looks a lot more even (before you ruin it with an N95 mask!). ⁠