S.TEP Skin Booster

Universkin S.TEP is a unique new treatment that helps to improve skin quality and luminosity. After cleansing, a micro-perforating device is utilised which helps to penetrate a personalised, potent serum into your skin. A soothing mask is then mixed and applied, which intensely hydrates the skin. ⁠

Benefits of the Universkin S.TEP treatment:⁠
- Instant skin radiance and glow ⁠
- Minimises appearance of fine lines and wrinkles⁠
- Reduces appearance of scarring ⁠
- Improvement on pigmentation⁠

This treatment is minimally invasive, proven and has no downtime - the perfect lunch break boost to rejuvenate your complexion! ⁠

We have two options available: 

Saint S.TEP 1 Skin Booster  - Universkin S.TEP treatment + one Universkin serum with up to three actives

Saint S.TEP 2 skin booster -  Universkin S.TEP treatment + two Universkin serums with up to six actives