Thread Lift (Face & Body)

Thread lifting incorporates the latest minimally invasive techniques, devices and collagen stimulating technology to create a subtle lift and restore youthful contours to the face. Without taking a knife to the skin our cosmetic physicians are able to subtly reposition areas of facial sagging while at the same time strengthen and tighten your skin through collagen stimulation. The procedure is performed using different types of sutures of different lengths and designs, otherwise known as ‘threads’. These sutures can have barbs along them, which act to gently pull the soft tissue of the face for elevation and prevention of sagging. The sutures are also made of collagen stimulating substances which are fully bio-resorbable and biocompatible. So not only do these threads elevate areas of facial sagging, they also stimulate collagen and strengthen the skin of the face therefore providing the structural support your face needs to prevent future sagging.