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Le Petit Saint

WelleCo - The Collagen Elixir - 120g

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The Collagen Elixir, is a supercharged blend that contains the highest dose of collagen from wild-caught fish, without any fishy taste. The sustainably sourced marine collagen works in synergy with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, silica and digestive enzymes for a powerful formula that supports glowing skin, strong nails, thick hair and a healthy body.

Designed with a fresh blend of potent ingredients to amplify skin-nourishing benefits:
+ Bioavailable, sustainably sourced marine collagen from 100% wild-caught North Pacific fish.
+ Unflavoured to be added seamlessly in hot or cold beverages, without any taste
+ Includes digestive enzymes to enhance collagen absorption
+ Supports skin hydration and elasticity
+ Maintains skin integrity and structure
+ Formulated with a unique, natural pink colour from antioxidant-rich beetroot.

 Non-GMO | Dairy free | Gluten free | No artificial colours | No added sugar