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Universkin M 150ml

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This hydrating, soothing, protective and balancing serum mist helps to instantly relieve redness and irritation, as well as building a healthy skin barrier. Ideal all year round, Universkin M offers a multitude of benefits including:

- Provides immediate comfort to the skin.  

- Instantly reduces itchiness or irritation and relaxes the skin.

- Boosts the skin's radiance and helps to restore a youthful look.

- Promotes glowing, comfortable skin after sun exposure.

- Ideal after treatments such as lasers to calm down the skin and soothe discomfort. 

- A daily skin saviour to give you a refreshing feeling whenever you need it.

Suitable for all skin types, for both face and body. Especially helpful for: sensitive, dry to very dry, atopy-prone skin or skin prone to itching.