Halo & BBL Combination

For optimum skin transformation, combine our Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser with the BroadBand Light (BBL) Skin rejuvenation treatment. Halo is a hybrid laser that combines ablative laser which targets the top layers of your skin and non-ablative laser which treats the deeper layers of skin. Halo leaves the skin totally refreshed, rejuvenated and radiant, often known as the "Halo Glow". BBL is a powerful IPL device which uses light energy to gently heat the upper layers of your skin and stimulate skin cells to regenerate. The photothermal energy reduces the redness and sunspots by eliminating fine vessels and reduces unwanted melanin.

The Halo + BBL combinations helps with the following

  • Reduction of pigmentation
  • Reduction of redness and broken vessels
  • Even skin tone
  • The “Halo glow”
  • Improved skin health
  • Reverse signs of ageing
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Scar reduction
  • Reduction in appearance of pore size
  • Improvement in skin texture