At All Saint Clinic, we believe that the path to true beauty cannot be taken without looking after your body, mind and soul. Beauty is a double act that requires nourishment, care and love internally to see results on the outside – what you put in you get out!

As an aesthetic physician, the condition of skin is my modus operandi and I am a firm believer that truly radiant skin cannot be achieved without a healthy and harmonious mindset.

When we talk about skin protection, we often think of sunscreen as the non-negotiable product in every skincare regime. However, there are many mental factors at play when it comes to protecting and caring for your skin.

Reducing stress, anxiety, fear, anger and worry from your life will give you the best chance at radiance. Otherwise, your body may react to feelings like stress by overproducing secrete cortisol, adrenaline and testosterone, which can result in redness, breakouts and premature ageing.

I always say to my clients, family and friends that the best chance they have at a clear and healthy mindset is by surrounding themselves with people that are supportive, uplifting and loving. These powerful external energies play an important role in our mental wellbeing as we transform chaos into calm.

Incorporating healing and mindfulness into your daily routine is crucial when it comes to your inner joy. Activities such as yoga, meditation, reading and exercising are excellent ways to unwind and restore balance, as well as self-care practices such as a relaxing facial or light therapy. 

Connect with nature, appreciate the world around you, switch off from your devices and feel grateful for your blessings.  A positive mindset has the power to conquer all and lead the path towards great skin and beauty.