Bio-Remodelling Injections

Bio-remodelling injections are a revolutionary 'beneath the skin' hydrating treatment, delivering prolonged stimulating activity to the dermal cells. When injected into skin, bio-remodelling injections stimulate the skin cell receptors to counteract skin laxity, improving and restoring firmness of the skin.

With a unique concentration of ingredients, bio-remodelling injections not only boost and hydrate the skin, but also remodel ageing and sagging tissue. The most common areas of to treat include: the face and neck, as well as the décolletage, hands, arms, knees and abdomen area, to help with skin laxity. The treatment is ideally suitable for both women and men, aged 30 years or older. 


  • Deliver ultimate hydration into the skin
  • Boost collagen and elastin
  • Rejuvenate and refresh
  • Plump and firm