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Fat Dissolving Injections Sydney Clinic

Non-Surgical Fat Removal Treatment

For many people, the excess fat under the chin will not respond to diet and exercise. Whether it is caused by weight gain, genetics, or aging, a double chin can detract from the graceful contours of the neck and jawline.

Our expert doctors are able to effectively target fat cells under the chin, to improve the facial profile, by helping to contour and improve the appearance of excess skin or fat in this area. Typically, multiple injections are made over the course of several treatments. Many patients experience noticeable results within two to four treatments.

How Fat Dissolving Injections Work

Fat dissolving injections are a quick, non-surgical treatment with limited down time and can even be performed during your lunch hour. You may be a good candidate for this treatment if you:

  • Exercise and eat well but still have fat deposits under the chin
  • Are self-conscious, embarrassed, or unhappy about submental fullness
  • Feel that your double chin makes you look older and heavier than you actually are
  • Do not want to undergo surgery or liposuction to correct the problem

Through a collaborative approach with each patient, each doctor will create a customised treatment programme to meet your individual needs. During the treatment sessions, your doctor will inject the product into the fat under the chin and will be able to assess whether synergistic treatments are necessary to assist you in meeting your overall goals.

Initially you may experience a mild stinging sensation which commonly resolves shortly after your treatment. Swelling commonly occurs with the possibility of minor bruising within the treatment area and it is recommended that you have a couple of days of “social downtime” after the procedure. Your doctor will discuss the specifics with you at the time of your consultation.

How many non-surgical fat removal treatments do I need?

The number of treatments will depend on your aesthetic goals and the quantity of fat under your chin. Fat dissolving treatment sessions are performed at least one month apart and generally you should see a reduction in this area in the weeks following each treatment session.

The beauty of this treatment is that, once the fat cells are destroyed and eliminated by the body, they are gone for good.

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