In my mind, the old adage of “a picture is worth a thousand words” is more applicable to a smile. If a smile speaks a thousand words, imagine how easy it is to spread that magic around every day - a gesture that transcends language, culture, age and class.

I often think about the power that such a simple facial gesture has in transforming one’s day, mood, event and thoughts. Whether it’s the warm smile of a stranger next to me at the traffic lights or the familiar grin of a family member or valued client at the clinic, a display of warmth and good humour instantly lifts my spirits.

When my father passed away, it wasn’t what was said or felt in those final hours that defined the moment, but rather his ability to keep a smile on his face until the end. Despite the outpouring of grief that came with his passing, my family and I felt that his final smile represented a sense of peaceful acceptance of his own mortality, a visual symbol of a life well-lived.

As an aesthetic physician, I can’t write about smiling without referring to its physical attributes. Luxurious creams, treatments and make-up are a valued part of every beauty routine but no amount of product can outweigh the benefits of a sunny disposition and a genuine, warm smile.

From a physical perspective, when you smile, you will get a soft lift to your face. Not to mention, you look younger with the fullness to your cheeks and your jawline looking slightly slimmer. It is by far the easiest and fastest way to rejuvenate one’s face.

I was inspired to create Le Petit Saint with this in mind and the hope that every client that steps inside the atelier is instantly immersed in an environment that brings a smile to their face. A place of beauty so unique, tranquil and aesthetically-pleasing that the inevitable joy would be written across their face.

There may be many reasons to smile but you do not need a specific reason to do it - just do it.