Ready to wake up with skin that you’re proud to show off? Clear and radiant skin is more important than perfect features or symmetry, it indicates health and wellness. Despite our best efforts to fight tired or dull-looking skin, sometimes you just need a little helping hand to upgrade your look for the season ahead.

Here are our top treatments to achieve the famous All Saint Glow:

#1 Red Carpet Laser Facial (signature treatment)

Hands down, our most popular treatment at All Saint Clinic is the bespoke Red Carpet Laser Facial with a cult-following including celebrities such as Elle Macpherson, Sonia Kruger and Kerri-Anne Kennerley.

Expect 90 minutes of luxurious pampering and bliss with incredible results. Minimal downtime with immediate benefits such as visible reduction of fine lines and redness, tightening of pores, and the increase of dermal collagen production will give your skin that coveted luminous and plump look.

#2 HydraFacial

You may already be familiar with the highly-rated and recommended “HydraFacial Phenomenon”; this innovative medical-grade facial is intensely hydrating and stimulates the skin to instantly boost luminosity. A non-invasive and non-surgical treatment which will leave you feeling revitalised and energised with a clear complexion free from impurities, dirt, blackheads and oil.

#3 Pearl Laser Resurfacing

Using a unique technology, the Pearl Laser Resurfacing treatment creates an instant and complete renewal of the skin. Plumping and firming the skin to create a more youthful look, this deeply-penetrating laser treatment improves pigmentation, skin texture, pores, fine lines, deep wrinkles and sun damage. Skin rejuvenation at its absolute finest.

Discover our entire treatment range by calling 02 9696 5050 or emailing info@allsaintsclinic.com.au.