Ultra-Oxygenating Facial

The Ultra-Oxygenating Facial has been specifically crafted to ensure your skin cells are hydrated, leaving you with a moist glow and your skin looking full and firm just in time for your next outing experience. The pre-event treatment consists of low-level actives to ensure no harm is caused to your skin and you experience minimal downtime. It also rids your face of any dead cuticles, bringing your skin to life and making it look as luminous and radiant as ever.

The one-hour facial consists of oxygenating ingredients that are massaged into your skin and contain low level Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA): actives used to hydrate and feed the skin.

Low-level light therapy is featured to take away inflammation and speed up the recovery process, and advanced patent technology is used to penetrate vital nourishing vitamins deeper into your skin for toxin release.

The result? It leaves you looking brighter and rids your face of any inflammation, bloating and puffiness. There is an added secret All Saint touch along the way that you will have to experience for yourselves.